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4. Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date 26.1.2017 13:00:00

A G E N D A:

  1. Adopting excerpt from Minutes of 3rd session of the BiH CEC in 2017
  2. Proposal of Decision on annulling elections in the Basic constituency Stolac for Municipal Council Stolac and mayor of Stolac municipality, repeated procedure
  3. Proposal of Conclusion on requesting additional funds from the reserves of the BIH institutions’ 2017 budget for conduct of repeated elections in basic constituency Stolac
  4. Proposal of Decision on confirming results of indirect elections and award of the mandate for the City Council of City of Sarajevo
  5. Proposal of Conclusion upon request of political party Original Serb Democratic Party for refund of tax
  6. A.O.B.



Dr. Irena Hadžiabdić