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9. Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date 16.2.2017 9:00:00

A G E N D A:

  1. Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 8th session of the BiH CEC
  2. Resignations, termination of mandates and awarding substitute mandates:
      1) Municipal Council Stari Grad Sarajevo
      2) City Council of City of Sarajevo
      3) Municipal Assembly Kostajnica
      4) Municipal Assembly Šamac
      5) Municipal Assembly Višegrad
  3. Conduct of repeated elections in basic constituency Stolac:
      1) Proposal of instruction on application of Article 2.9, paragraph (1), point 1 of the BiH Election Law
      2) Proposal of Decision on the appeal filed by the Municipal Election Commission Stolac on appointment of polling station committees:
        1. political subject Social Democratic Front BiH
        2. Independent candidate Ajla Repeša
      3) Report on submitted request for accreditation of election observers for repeated elections for the municipal mayor and municipal council in the basic constituency Stolac
  4. Proposal of the Rulebook amending the Rulebook on type and conferring of BiH CEC’s awards and proposal for conferring of awards to the members of election administration
  5. Proposal of Decision upon request filed by political party Movement Successful Srpska
  6. Proposal of Decision on determining excerpt from the Central Voters Register for conduct of elections for bodies of local self-government – members of Local Community Councils on the territory of Han Pijesak municipality
  7. Proposal of Conclusion on endorsement of Elaborate on conducted inventory of BiH CEC’s property and obligations on December 31, 2016
  8. A.O.B.
      1) Information on the beginning of work of Inter-departmental working group for analysis of the situation and proposal of modalities for introduction of new technologies in electoral process in BiH


Dr. Irena Hadžiabdić