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59. Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date 29.11.2017 9:00:00

A G E N D A:

  1. Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 57th session of the BiH CEC
  2. Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 58th session of the BiH CEC
  3. Proposal of Decision on concluding and confirming number of voters registered in the excerpt from the Central Voters' Register for the early elections of mayor of Glamoč Municipality as on 27.11.2017 at 24:00 hours
  4. Resignations, termination of mandates and awarding substitute mandates:
      1) Municipal Council Tomislavgrad
  5. Proposal of Decision in case of Municipal Election Commission Novi Travnik
  6. Proposal of Decision on collecting bids for sale and destruction of a portion of worthless registry materials of the BIH CEC
  7. Proposal of Decision on procurement of education services
  8. A.O.B.



Dr. Irena Hadžiabdić