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25. Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date 27.2.2019 14:00:00

A G E N D A:

  1. Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 19th session of the BiH CEC
    Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 20th session of the BiH CEC
    Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 21st session of the BiH CEC
    Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 22nd session of the BiH CEC
  2. Proposal of Criteria and the procedure to occupy the remaining seats in the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament – 2018 General Elections
  3. Proposal of Conclusion in case of Mustapić Božo, councilor in the Municipal Council Neum
  4. Proposal of Decision in case of:
      1) City Election Commission Bihać
      2) Municipal Election Commission Kiselјak
      3) Municipal Election Commission Srebrenica
      4) Municipal Election Commission Travnik
      5) Municipal Election Commission Fojnica
  5. Proposal of Decision on determining excerpt from the CVR for the recall of the mayor of Teslić Municipality
  6. Proposal of Decision upon the request filed by independent candidate Kudelić Nedžad for the recount of the ballots at all regular polling stations in basic constituency Bužim for the level of Bužim municipality mayor
  7. Proposal of Decision upon appeal of Kudelić Nedžad, independent candidate for the mayor of Bužim Municipality, filed to the decision of the MEC Bužim number: 01-05-61-1/19 from 18. 2. 2019, number: 01-05-62-1/19 from 18. 2. 2019 and number: 01-05-63-1/19 from 18. 2. 2019 in the process of appointment of the polling station committees
  8. Proposal of Report on execution of the BiH CEC’s budget for period 1. 1. – 31. 12. 2018
  9. Proposal of Decision in the area of Law on Political Party Financing implementation
  10. A.O.B.



Branko Petrić