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26. Session of the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date 4.6.2020 10:00:00

A G E N D A:

  1. Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 23rd session of the BiH CEC
    Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 24th session of the BiH CEC
    Adopting excerpt of Minutes from 25th session of the BiH CEC
    -Report on realization of decisions and conclusions of the BiH CEC and report on realization of the most important activities of the BiH CEC Secretariat in April 2020
  2. Resignations, termination of mandates and awarding substitute mandates:
      1) Assembly of Zenica-Doboj Canton
      2) Municipal Council Ilijaš
      3) Municipal Assembly Jezero
  3. Proposal of Decision in case of:
      1) Municipal Election Commission Kladanj
      2) Municipal Election Commission Modriča
      3) Municipal Election Commission Novi Grad Sarajevo
  4. Proposal of Conclusion determining text of the Report on conduct of laws under competence of the BiH Central Election Commission in 2019
  5. Proposal of conclusions on initiating procedure to determine responsibility of the political parties that failed to submit 2019 financial report
  6. Proposal of Conclusion on approving payment of pecuniary fine in instalments
  7. A.O.B.



    Vanja Bjelica-Prutina, sgd.