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Sarajevo, February 21, 2017 – By conducting of repeated elections Stolac municipality on 19 February 2017, the activities related to the organization and implementation of local elections in 2016, which began in May of 2016, are reaching the final stage.


A few months of efforts on the organization, coordination and implementation of electoral activities required a high level of professionalism and flexibility of all institutions and individuals involved in this process.


The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina expresses its gratitude to the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, entity and cantonal ministries of Interior, Police of Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina, all the security agencies and individuals involved in the process of securing facilities, distribution of election material and other election activities. The BiH Central Election Commission especially thanks the Working Group for monitoring the implementation of tasks within the competence of institutions and police authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the implementation of local elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina (October 2016), headed by Mr. Ivica Bošnjak and the Operational Headquarters of the campaign “Local Elections 2016”, which coordinated operations on the ground and whose efficient operation, the ability to adapt to changes and responsiveness have ensured the confidence of participants in the electoral process.


Since the beginning of the election campaign until today, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina has regularly received reports on the security situation on the ground thanks to which it was informed of all security aspects of the electoral process.


The operational headquarters of the action “Local Elections 2016” has done an excellent job coordinating the distribution and return of election materials and the general assessment is that the entire work was done in accordance with the highest standards, and unexpected situations were addressed in accordance with the given circumstances.


The Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina sincerely thanks everyone for their support in the implementation of 2016 Local Elections.

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