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False claims that are presented to the public about “disappearance of more than 35 tons of ballots”

Sarajevo, April 3, 2018 – The BiH Central Election Commission dismisses as false the claims that are presented to the public about “disappearance of more than 35 tons of ballots.” The portal that published such information didn’t found its claims on the official document of the BiH CEC, i.e. the Report of the commission on the situation in the BiH CEC’s warehouse number 07-2-50-2-164-8/14 that was unanimously adopted at the 18th session of the BiH CEC held on 24.04.2014. The procedure of establishing the facts in the BiH CEC’s warehouse was conducted upon the BiH CEC’s request due to relocation of the warehouse.


With reference to the false story about “disappearance of more than 35 tons of ballots” only some parts of the BiH CEC 2016 Audit Report that was published by the Audit Office of BiH Institutions without the final auditor’s opinion have been maliciously taken out of the context and published. The report is available at the following link:    


In the interest of truthful information dissemination, we would like that the audit report inter alia reads: “In our opinion, financial report of the Commission presents fair and truthful, and all material aspects, status of assets, liabilities and sources of assets as on 31.12.2016 as well as execution of the budget for the year that ends of the latter date, in line with the accepted framework of financial reporting.”, as well as that “According to our opinion, activities, financial transactions and information presented in the financial reports of the Commission for 2016 are in line, in all material aspects, with laws and other regulations.”


Furthermore, we would like to underline that previous detailed reports on implementation of the laws under the BiH CEC’s competence have been adopted by the BiH PA, that all previous audit reports have been positive, and that the work of the BiH CEC is continuously subjected to control of the competent state bodies.


So, all records in the BiH CEC’s warehouse have been and are properly kept. The presented lie on disappearance of more than 35 tons of ballots is just one of the lies that has been released lately at the expense of the BiH CEC. 

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