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The BiH Central Election Commission categorically rejects all fabricated claims with the political background on negligent and illegal work of the Central Election Commission of BiH

Sarajevo, April 13, 2018 – Due to continuous and politically fabricated attacks and pressures on the Central Election Commission of BiH, we once more categorically deny allegations about the existence of so-called “scandals”, “unauthorized and illegal” work, “theft” in the elections, and arrival of Russian IT experts and so on. We also deny malicious allegations about “working materials”. Everyone knows that the Central Election Commission of BiH has not even considered any document on the election of delegates to the House of Peoples of the FBiH Parliament, and in particular it did not adopt any unconstitutional document. And if it had adopted a document, we ask the question: “Who is deciding if it is constitutional???”


In this regard, quite protruding are the constructions and manipulations about the situation in the BiH CEC’s warehouse.


Once more, we are explaining the following for the public:


Unused clean paper for printing of ballots and worthless records are not the same. The difference is huge. The report of the commission on the situation in the BiH CEC’s warehouse no. 07-2-50-2-164-8/14 from 24.04.2014 list the amount of clean paper intended for printing of ballots in the table on page 13 of the report:


As can be seen from the table, the difference is 10.45 kilograms. Few kilograms to the mass of 29.136.000 kilograms of paper may vary depending on the dryness i.e. humidity of the paper itself, since it is years-long storing. At the moment when report was adopted, the information on the amount of clean ballot printing paper was the most important one for the BiH CEC.


All other information presented in the report regarding lack of material in the amount of 35 tons relates to worthless records (used ballots, large quantities of used posters, rejects from paper cutting, used cardboard boxes, etc.) whose name indicates that they are worthless, namely unusable in any way. The commission had also on page 14 of the report concluded that there is difference in the quantity of worthless records, because it provides answers to how the difference happened:


Shrinkage is only one of five possible conditions mentioned by the commission that was determining the situation in the BiH CEC’s warehouse. The report doesn’t read that “35.8 tons of ballot papers has shrunk” as presented by some individuals and groups.


At the time this Report was written and adopted it was subject of detailed discussion at the collegiums and sessions of the BiH CEC and any doubt in existence of possible irregularities was removed at that time. If not, the BIH CEC would have submitted an information about this matter to the BiH Prosecutor’s Office. All seven members of the BiH CEC: Irena Hadžiabdić, Suad Arnautović, Branko Petrić, Novak Božičković, Ahmet Šantić, Stjepan Mikić and Vlado Rogić had at 18th session held on 24.04.2014 unanimously adopted the Report on the commission on the situation in the BIH CEC’s warehouse.


We invite all the individuals and groups that are accusing BiH CEC without any evidence and fact to inform the competent authority about their suspicions of a committed illegal act.


Regardless of all attempts made, the BiH CEC will not be part of anyone’s political and election campaign, because it doesn’t belong there.



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