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Certification of coalitions for participation in the 2018 General Elections

Sarajevo, 21.06.2018. – Considering the Report on carried out checks of coalitions' applications to participate in the 2018 General Elections, the BiH CEC has at today's session certified 34 coalitions that meet the legal requirements.


Applications of four coalitions have not been certified today. In line with the law the BiH CEC gave them two days to remove shortcomings in the application (identical name or statement on consolidation of the application or statement regarding withdrawal from coalition’s application).


The BiH CEC will publish the list of certified coalitions at its website today.


In line with Article 4.13, paragraph (2) of the BiH Election Law a coalition has status of a political party in the election process from the date coalition was certified to participate in the election until the day election results are certified. Political party, as coalition member, cannot withdrawn from the certified coalition until election results are certified.


In line with the Instruction on deadlines and sequence of election activities for the General Elections in BiH that will be held on October 7, 2018 the submission of candidates list starts on 27.06. and lasts until 09.07. until 16:00 hours.


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