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Verification of OCV applications


Hereby we inform the voters outside Bosnia and Herzegovina that processing of the by-mail voting applications is currently ongoing in the BiH Central Election commission. Therefore, all persons who have submitted their by-mail voting application should regularly monitor status of their application through the website of the BiH CEC - , clicking the link “CHECKING OCV APPLICATION STATUS” and entering the necessary personal data in order to be timely informed on status of their application i.e. their registration to vote outside Bosnia and Herzegovina..


After all applications are processes a report will be made based on which the BiH CEC will pass a decision on conclusion of the CVR for the out-of-country voting, informing the public thereon in a timely fashion..


Furthermore, we inform the public that a much larger number of OCV applications have been submitted for the 2020 Local Elections in relation to the previous electoral cycles. Aimed at the efficiency in processing the application and the fact that the activity is conducted in the context of COVID-19 pandemic the BIH CEC has organized the work of existing and additionally hired staff in several shifts in order to complete registration of all valid OCV applications on time.


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