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Sarajevo, January 30, 2017 – The BiH Central Election Commission always audits its by-laws in the non-election law. Therefore, there was the need to urgently amend the Instruction on procedure of conducting indirect elections for the bodies of authority in BiH covered by the BiH Election Law. Today adopted amendments to the Instruction erase chapter VIII that related to the city mayors of Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Mostar and Brčko District of BiH and accompanying forms. The legal obligation of verify the candidates for the city mayors of aforementioned cities, i.e. constituencies, did not exist at 2008 elections and 2012 elections. Having in mind that BiH Election Law was not amended in that segment, the BiH CEC has abolished that norm so it would not cause confusion in the public. The joint opinion of all BiH CEC’s members is that more precise definition of legal norms on indirect elections should be one of the priorities in the work of Inter-departmental working group for changes to the BiH Election Law.


The BiH CEC has at today’s session abolished the Instruction for application of Article 1.8, paragraph (4) and Article 1.3a, paragraph (3) of the BiH Election Law, because these norms were precisely defined in the law by its latest changes. 

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